Our Services

We provide tranlsation services in over 20 languages:

  •  Latvian
  •   English
  •   Russian
  •   German
  •   Estonian
  •   Lithuanian
  •   Italian
  •  Spanish
  •  Swedish
  •  Norwegian
  • Ukrainian
  •  Polish 
If the particular language You need is not included above, just get in touch

We translate a wide range of documents:

  •  Contracts, agreements, deeds and leases 
  •  Statements and affidavits
  •  Notarial Deeds
  •  Financial statements
  •  Balance sheets
  •  Power of attorneys
  •  Court documents, judgements, rulings
  •  Medical reports, insurance reports and accident reports
  •  Birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates and wills 
  •  Work permit applications and many more

Legal Translation Services

We handle any kind of legal documentation, maintaining full legal accuracy, impartiality and cultural sensitivity. You can trust our professional legal translators and expert project management team to handle all legal assignments in the strictest confidence. 

Marketing Translation Services

Medcal translation Services

Technical Translation Services

we always deliver translation by your deadline that is fit for purpose and meets your expectations